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License #: SL3221041

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“Joanne has turned my property from a lemon into lemonade. The property looks great since she's taken it on. And we have good tenants at increased rent. Very professional. And very much appreciated on a long distance as I do not live in Clearwater.”
—Meliva K.

“Joanne has been the most detailed, efficient and caring Property Manager I have ever worked with - she has the answers I need before I even ask. Being a Realtor myself, this recommendation is not given lightly. Joanne is a great choice for Property Management. Joanne has been the Property Manager for my personal property for over 2 years.”
—Colleen S.

“Joanne managed my residential rental property for 3 years. Her service was excellent. She kept the place filled with top paying renters who did not damage the property. She had good quality, low-cost resources for every repair that was ever needed. I managed the place myself for years which was very stressful. I wish I had used her from the beginning.”
—Chris S.

“Giovanna ‘Joanne’ Pucci is personable and professional. She has managed my rental property the last seven years and I have nothing but great things to say about her. Even though I hardly knew her at the time, I felt like she was there for me and met all my needs when I purchased and then decided to rent the property. I highly recommend Joanne for any of your real estate needs.”
—Sandee J.

“For several years we have been using the services of Joanne Pucci to manage our apartment and we are very satisfied with the service she provides. Since we live in Europe, the entire follow-up of the apartment is now in her hands. She is not only taking care of the whole rental procedure, but she is also a big problem solver when problems occur. She not only gives legal advice, but also helps solving technical problems or even interior decorating issues. Under her management our apartment has been nicely refurbished for a reasonable price. Joanne is a real professional!”
—Dominique M.

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